Tel-eNet – Internet News Monitoring

Monthly Subscription: $99 – $199

Do you want to keep tabs on your online reputation? Know what others are saying about you with Tel-eNet Reports.

What We Provide:

Tel-eNet is a comprehensive online news monitoring service of web-based news outlets which include online magazines, blogs, forums, online newspapers, business & trade journals, and a host of other online media outlets that are talking about you.  Thousands of sites to include blogs, discussion boards, social media sites all are combed and searched daily to find those needles in the haystack about you or your organization. 

Tel-eNet is an excellent companion product to fulfill you complete broadcast news monitoring service and media monitoring needs.  Many clients who require a complete full service monitoring agree that having all media outlets monitored enable them to have a bigger picture of what is being said, what is being reported and how the public gets news about their organization.

Delivery Options:

Instant alerts are provided hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly via e-mail and/or through your online media dashboard, Tel-eView.

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