Tel-eTrack – Tracking Reports

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What We Provide:

A comprehensive broadcast monitoring tracking report, available online or via email.  These reports are derived from keyword searches by client or subject matter, station, date, time of newscast, length, number of stories, and news synopsis.  Reports can also provide additional information to include Nielsen Media Audience, Ad Values, Publicity Values and Web Metrics and Analytics.  Our broadcast monitoring reports can also be combined with a comprehensive online news monitoring report, Tel-eNet.  This report compiles news from hundreds of thousands of internet news sites, blogs, social media sites and discussion boards. 

Radio news from select participating markets is also included using both human generated logs as well as new audio-to-text speech recognition software.  Please contact us today if there is a specific radio station you’re interested in.  Advance notice is always helpful to ensuring we’re capturing what you’re seeking.

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